About Us

Digital consulting services


The concept of Binary Stew was born in the year 2000. Armed with a Creative Writing degree and a Post-graduate Information Technology Diploma, our founder dreamt of being able to combine both sides of her brain in order to create a place where non-technical people could get help for whatever digital project or issue they were experience. The domain was bought but it would take another 16 years for the company to be fully incorporated, as our founder finally felt that her experience and expertise could meet the end to end demands of small, medium, and enterprise level customers alike.

What Do We Do?

We've got quite the melange of consulting skills but our most popular items are:

  • Strategic Consulting and Product Management
  • Digital Web Design and Maintenance
  • Digital Analytics Implementation, Insights, and Web Strategy
  • SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Consulting
  • Site Speed and Search Optimization

Director - AJ Lin

A results-oriented data-driven leader with a Swiss army knife of skills AJ has a deep love of people, products, and systems, she believe that everything is "figureout-able".  She has the ability to be able to listen, communicate, and solve business problems with technical efficiency, seeing projects from every angle without losing sight of the critical details.

Why Work With US


We pride ourselves in the capability to be able to solve digital problems in a manner that all technical and non-technical people can understand the process. We believe that the best work comes from collaboration. We partner with you to help understand your business from concept to launch to creating a marketing engine so that we can make the digital part of your business match the dream that you had in your mind.


Recent Work